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 * [[https://​developers.google.com/​edu/​python/​| Google Python Class]] * [[https://​developers.google.com/​edu/​python/​| Google Python Class]]
 * [[http://​www.python.org/​dev/​peps/​pep-0008/​ | Style Guide for Python Code]] * [[http://​www.python.org/​dev/​peps/​pep-0008/​ | Style Guide for Python Code]]
 +* [[https://​realpython.com/​oop-in-python-vs-java/​ | OOP in Python vs Java]]
 * **Fun Stuff** * **Fun Stuff**
    * [[https://​realpython.com/​|Real Python - learning Python by example]]    * [[https://​realpython.com/​|Real Python - learning Python by example]]
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